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Employee Rights

Protection against Harassment, Discrimination, Termination and more

Concerned about your employee rights?

If yes, Welcome to the comprehensive online information on employee rights in USA. Both Federal and State laws have bestowed each one of you with specific rights at the workplace.

If you are an employee, you want to be treated and compensated fairly at all times. However, "fair" can mean different things to different people at different times. Fortunately, there are now specific laws, both state and federal-many of them little-known to non-lawyers that clearly spell out how employers must deal with all job applicants and all employees at all times.

The majority of employees are not aware about their legal rights and employment laws in favor of the employees. You are often a victim of workplace harassment, sex, age or disability discrimination or some other form of discrimination, unlawful employment termination and other work related illegal practices. As you are ignorant about your rights and employment laws, you keep quiet most of the time. is a unique site that not only provides information about employee legal rights but also offer tools in the form of letters and forms to record and protest against unlawful employment practices. This website is dedicated to United State Employee's Right Protection against Employment Termination, Harassment, Discrimination, Privacy Rights, and other work related issues, and to help Job seekers and employees (at every level) document their Job-seeking activities and/or their employment.

It provides Easy to use, Correctly-worded, Downloadable Employee Right Protection Forms and Letters that can help you record and later communicate your individual situation in an effective manner.

It's never too early to start keeping your own pre-employment or employment records.

Don't wait until you do have a work-related problem. By then, it may be too late to document what happened or what was said and by whom.

Of course, you may be fortunate and work your entire career with no issues. But don't count on it! Especially these days, with so many employers looking for excuses to renege on promises, downsize their payrolls, or deprive their employees of their rightful compensation or benefits.

You can select any of five subscriptions. The cost is quite low (see the Order Form for details), yet the benefits to you may be huge!

So don't miss this rare opportunity to help protect yourself against any of the dozens of potential problems that can affect any working man or woman. Know your right as an employee and build your case, before it is too late. See what we have to offer-with a money-back guarantee-and order today. Someday (perhaps sooner than you think), you may be very glad you documented your employment record... before it's too late!

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Disclaimer: Although every effort (including frequent reviews and updating) Is made to ensure that our Forms and Letters are accurate and timely, we cannot guarantee this nor be held responsible for any misinterpretations, errors, changes in the laws, or other situations. The information we provide is general in nature, not legal advice, and state laws may differ. If you need personal advice or assistance regarding your situation, you should consult with a qualified attorney or other authority or agency, knowledgeable and familiar with employment law in your state and able to act on your behalf.