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Saying goodbye on good terms

A smooth departure from the company is as important as a good job performance. It is in the self-interest of the employee to say goodbye on good terms. Initially, a good first impression may have landed the job. But a bad last impression could jeopardize chances of getting other jobs in the future or any company benefits.

Sending obnoxious letters or emails, screaming, fighting, making threats, or any other improper behavior only reaffirms the employer’s decision to fire you, and the employer may refuse to negotiate a severance package or other post-termination benefits.

It is in the best interests of the employee to leave the company on a good note. He/she may offer to train the replacement (if any) or leave helpful notes and instructions, complete all pending work, document and arrange all files before leaving, etc. The employee should clear out his/her office, desk or locker of personal items and unnecessary papers. Good and helpful behavior can result in good references and a positive letter of recommendation to prospective employers.

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