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Basic Environmental Conditions

  • A clean and orderly workplace.
  • Suitable and clean drinking water.
  • Separate toilets for males and females.
  • Hot and cold water available in rest rooms.
  • Hygienic food service facilities.
  • Wholesome and unspoiled food.
  • Standard noise levels.
  • Adequate lighting.
  • Receptacles - sanitary and in good condition - for rotting waste.
  • Elevators (if any) with smoking banned.

OSHA regulations require these medical and first aid conditions:

  • Every employer must have a first aid box (or boxes) to deal with minor injuries, with supplies approved by a consulting physician.
  • Medical care should be available within a reasonable distance of the workplace. If there is no clinic or hospital near the workplace, there should be someone at the workplace who is trained to give first aid. If there is no person trained in giving first aid, the employer must have a specific doctor on call when needed.
  • When employees are exposed to potentially dangerous corrosive material, there should be a suitable facility for immediate flushing of the eyes and body.

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