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Probation Period

The employer may require a newly-hired employee to serve a probationary period before the appointment of the employee is confirmed. The purpose of probation is to assess whether the appointee’s performance is of an acceptable standard before permanently employing him/her. Probationary periods are generally for six months or a year or the equivalent number of hours, but may be significantly shorter.

Probation does not suspend or diminish employee rights and protections under federal and state employment laws against discrimination and harassment. Probationary employees are entitled to the same protections as regular employees.

If the employee works for a company that follows the employment at will doctrine, the employee’s tenure might be terminated with or without reason. There is no legal binding on the employer to continue with the services of the employee after the probationary period ends, unless it is so stated in the contract. The employee’s services can be discontinued for a just reason or no reason.

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